Process Safety Solutions

Over the many years MetaPower has worked with industrial clients, we have observed that they can invent much better solutions than they can ever implement. This is because their workforce culture routinely blocks the way. Their newly designed “technical” systems collide with existing “social” systems. To address this impasse, MetaPower partnered with the Center for Organizational Reform (COR) to develop our present Process Safety Solution.

Major collisions between new technical systems and existing social systems (work culture) are all but inevitable without proper alignment. Expressed another way: alignment between technical and social systems produces sustainable environments in which an organization can find continuous improvement and excellence. MetaPower’s Process Safety Solution provides the tools and training needed to bring these competing systems into alignment. Management of the facility’s Socio-technical Systems unleashes the organization’s full potential, ultimately delivering a safe and compliant work environment.

Components of the Process Safety Solution:

All of MetaPower’s products and services are designed to recognize and assist in aligning Socio-technical Systems. These offerings are enhanced by our proprietary methodologies borne of experience. Our comprehensive facilitation, culture and culture-coaching training service ensures that clients can continually reap the benefits inherent in their work culture. If you would like to know more about how MetaPower’s Process Safety Solution can help align your Socio-technical systems, we encourage you to fill out the contact form below.

In America, OSHA requires prevention or minimization of the consequences of catastrophic releases of toxic, reactive, flammable, or explosive chemicals. The OSHA Standard for Process Safety Management of highly hazardous chemicals (Title 29 Part 1910.119 to the Code of Federal Regulations) specifies that:

Employers must perform a process hazard analysis (hazard evaluation) on processes. (Subsection-e)

The Hazard Analysis must be based on a compilation of written process safety information. (Subsection-d)

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