• Think Of Us

    For sustained excellence within your enterprise.

    For business process improvement and IT services.

    For work culture management and staffing.

  • Professional Recruiting

    Timely, innovative solutions for staffing problems.

    Professional recruiting for hazardous facilities.

    Multi-national talent and work-permits.

  • IT Solutions

    Design and implementation of company data centers.

    Deploy secure networking, VDI, and cloud solutions.

    Ensure data security and authenticated access.


To Help You Manage Your Business Through Your People and Technology

MetaPower offers a wide range of services to enable innovation and improvement. This includes business process consulting, culture training projects, IT services, and technical staffing for a wide range of industries, from banking to petrochemical and small businesses. These offerings utilize MetaPower’s patented methodology, developed from thirty years of business process and technology development experience. For agile initiatives, culturally empowered programs, sound IT solutions, and increased enterprise performance, ask us for a consultation on any of the following services.


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