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    For sustained excellence within your enterprise.

    For business process improvement and technology.

    For work culture management and staffing.

  • People & Technology

    Manage teams in a disciplined way to improve the work.

    Deploy technology with social and technical parameters.

    Utilize current organizational culture theory.

  • Professional Recruiting

    Timely, innovative solutions for staffing problems.

    Professional recruiting for hazardous facilities.

    Multi-national talent and work-permits.

“regardless how good
a flow diagram may
look on paper, true
Business Process is
people taking action
within the pressures of
group culture, much of
which is unconscious”

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To Help You Manage Your Business Through Your People

MetaPower offers a wide range of services to enable innovation and improvement. This includes business process consulting, culture training projects, and technical staffing for a wide range of industries, from banking to petrochemical. These offerings utilize MetaPower’s patented methodology, developed from thirty years of business process and software development experience. For agile initiatives, culturally empowered programs, and increased enterprise performance, ask us for a consultation on any of the following services.


“I came to see, in my time at IBM, that culture isn’t just one aspect of the game… It is the game”

Former IBM CEO Lou Gerstner
discussing Big Blue’s $11B turnaround
in a single year

“Process Safety accidents can be prevented….. On March 23, 2005, the BP Texas City refinery experienced a catastrophic process accident. It was one of the most serious U.S. workplace disasters of the past two decades, resulting in 15 deaths and more than 170 injuries.”

“Although we necessarily direct our report to BP, we intend it for a broader audience. We are under no illusion that deficiencies in process safety culture, management, or corporate oversight are limited to BP. Other companies and their stakeholders can benefit from our work. We urge these companies to regularly and thoroughly evaluate their safety culture, the performance of their process safety management systems, and their corporate safety oversight for possible improvements.”

2007 BP U.S. Refineries Independent Review Panel

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